Spring and also, a starting line

I recently bought an old state house with a semi pre-established garden. This particular house was built in 1963, so some of the plants may be that old, but the previous owners put in a couple of vege gardens (filled with lettuce & strawberry plants), and some trees – 2 olive, 2 apple, a cherry, and a feijoa.

My daughter & I moved in at the start of June, so the garden was mostly dormant for winter, but I harvested about 3kg of olives and put them into brine – I love olives, but have never ‘made’ them before!

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I also planted some more trees pretty quickly, thinking that the earlier I got them in, the faster I’d be eating fresh fruit from them! So in mid-June, I dug in a Kaffir lime, a Bearss lime, and a Yen Ben lemon. I also put a Meyers’ lemon in a pot. And what’s a garden without roses? I planted 4 at the front of the house (Ghislaine de Feligonde, Alberic Barbier, Archduc Joseph, and Sanders’ White) and 2 in the back garden (Ispahan and Lady Hillingdon).

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Not content with only citrus trees, in August I added a Goldmine Nectarine, an Omega/Santa Rosa dual plum, a Mrs Williams’ fig, a dual Lapin/Dawson cherry, and a Kotare Honey peach. I also planted a thornless blackberry and a raspberry plant.

Then spring arrived! I started my seeds way late, I think – most of them are still too small to plant out and it’s already November, but I did buy four 1.2m x 1.2m vege beds for the centre of the garden. I’ll fill most of them up I think, but I want to save one bed (maybe one of the older ones) for asparagus crowns in autumn.

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I’m a gardening novice, but have so much space and such big dreams – I know it’ll probably take a few years to really get everything looking like I imagine, but it’s so much fun watching things bloom & grow in the meantime!

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