Gardening Indoors

It rained all day today, big heavy rain with a cold wind. Definitely didn’t fancy being outside except to dash out & grab the seedling box & tuck it in the alcove to keep it from blowing away. That’s already happened twice – my beautifully labelled jiffy pots with seeds thrown clear across the lawn by wind so that not only did most of the pots not actually produce anything, but they all got mixed up, so I could only recognise the corn (because the seed is so distinctive). One of them is a mystery plant – could be watermelon, could be gherkin…that’ll teach me to put the labels on the container rather than the pots themselves!

Featured image

Featured image

At any rate, I’ve gotten quicker at getting it to shelter!

Instead of edging the front bed or preparing the second vege bed for potatoes & corn, I sowed some more seeds in the office, blue anchusa, silverdust & dwarf mixed cineraria. Hopefully they can get a head start while I get to work on making their edged bed at the front of the house – on the next day with half-decent weather!

Featured image (Kings Seeds photo)


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