First Almost-Fruit!

Went to the garden centre today – the second time in just over a week – to finally buy a line trimmer. The grass in the front yard must be a foot long around the trees, so I’m eager to get out there and give it a good cut.

Of course any visit to a garden centre means I come home with plants – my daughter chose a beautiful snowball tree, a lamprocapnos, a fuschia, and a purple petunia. I bought two blueberry bushes – a Tasty Blue & a Blue Dawn. And a gorgeous half-barrel type planter for them.

Featured image

Featured image

And while looking for the best places to put some of our new plants, I spied the first cherries on the tree! And grapes on the vine! No idea how the grapes will go – they’re pretty sheltered & don’t get much sun in their current position, they’re a bit crowded by neighbouring trees. Fortunately I bought shears today too so I can prune the trees back tomorrow & hopefully let some light in.

Featured image

Featured image

I also spied some gorgeous flowers that were being browsed by bees – no idea what they are, but if they make bumblebees happy, I’m happy. They’re the same purple as artichoke flowers. If you have any idea what they are, let me know!

Featured image

So tomorrow will be a big garden day – hopefully the weather cooperates. I’m planting potato seeds, corn seedlings, coriander & flat leafed parsley, as well as digging in those bushes we picked up today and potting up the blueberries. And after all that, I’ll have to go back to the garden centre anyway to pick up some copper – looks like the peach tree has leaf curl!


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