Just Like Summer

Today was a stunning day, perfect for spending outside in the garden.

I planted two blueberry plants in a half-barrel type planter – a Blue Dawn & a Tasty Blue (both rabbiteye varieties) and three strawberry plants, which I surrounded with lettuce seeds before tucking them in with pea straw.

Featured image

Featured image

And a petunia in a half pot which is now hanging against the fence.

Featured image

I scattered marigold, basil, coriander, and parsley seeds in the first vege bed (with tomatoes & lovage). There’ll still be quite a bit of room, hopefully my heirloom Brandywine & Black Krim tomato seeds will be ready to plant in a couple of weeks.

In the second vege bed, I planted Rua & Cliff Kidney seed potatoes in rows, four corn seedlings, and some cucumber seeds. There’s still some room for the beans once those seedlings are big enough. I also chucked in some nasturtium seeds, but they’re a bit old – hopefully they still take. I understand they’re good for keeping aphids off the cukes & corn.

I still need to plant the snowball tree, the hydrangea, and some flowering shrubs, but after weeding (ugh, so many weeds!), I was too worn out. Hopefully the weather is so nice again tomorrow – I’m picking up, courtesy of a Wellington garden group, a couple of litres of worm wee, and a Thessaloniki tomato plant, a Greek variety that apparently is very good, with high yields and good disease resistance. After that, will aim to get those bushes in.

Featured image (rareseeds.com)

Oh and early Monday morning the Botanic Garden is lifting tulip bulbs & giving them out on a first come first serve basis – so hopefully I can get there early enough to nab some! I don’t know much about them & whether they’ll still flower, but I do love cheerful tulips!


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