Waiting for the Sun

The weather’s been variable – typical Welly spring, I guess – beautiful summer day one day, then wintry rain the next. Finally got all the weeding done in the front of the house, just waiting for the flower seedlings to grow a bit before I dig them in.

The first flower buds are showing on the tomato plants – the Roma got there first. Still waiting on the heirloom seeds to be large enough to plant – hopefully there’s a long enough summer that they get a chance to fruit!

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Finally planted the two bean seedlings (bottom left). The artichokes, rock melon & marigold look a bit small still, so I’ll wait another week or so before putting those in.

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The roses are all going well – they seem to love this weather. The Alberic Barbier started first, with its large white shaggy bloom, but the others in the front are covered in buds that I imagine will bloom anytime now. The Ispahan is the only one that doesn’t seem to be ready to do much yet. I wonder if it gets enough sun where it is at the back of the section. I do know that any future roses I buy will have to be more colourful! The Archduc Joseph is a gorgeous pink, but it seems all the others I picked out are white or yellow – which against a light yellow house isn’t that remarkable!

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The apple trees are showing baby applets! I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of apples they produce, and how tasty they are fresh.

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That’s all the garden news so far. Except that we let the cats out into the wide world this past week. It’s hilarious watching them bound across the yard – I’m just hoping they stay out of the vegetable beds! So far their favourite place is in the bushy entranceway – they nibble at the grass and come home with seed spurs & grass clippings in their fur!

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