Gardening in the Rain

It was so misty today, it was difficult to make out the hill less than 2km from my window. I really wanted to get those Jerusalem artichokes in the ground though, and what’s a bit of damp?

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There are around 10 seeds in there, only two or three have stalks, the rest are just knobbly roots. According to what I’ve read it doesn’t matter too much which way they’re planted, so I just chucked them in & covered them up. They’re in a mix of vegetable soil, grass clippings, and the old, dusty looking soil that was there when I moved in. I’ll add some compost as they sprout up.

It wasn’t too bad digging around in the misty rain. The cats ran in and around the garden, wanting to see what I was doing, but not being thrilled about the weather.

I couldn’t stop myself from eating the one red strawberry – it was delicious; perfect. It’s nice to see the lettuce seedlings coming up around them. The photo is poor, my phone got a bit wet.

Featured image Featured image

I checked out the fruit trees. The cherry trees aren’t looking up to much – the established one flowered a lot, but I can’t see many fruit. Not sure if they didn’t grow or if the birds already had at them, though that seems unlikely given how green they are. The apple tree is looking well covered though.

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The Ispahan rose suddenly flourished – it went from hardly budding to showing lots of soft pink flowers. They smell exactly like the typical rose scent, it’s remarkable.

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One of the most exciting bits of the garden wander was seeing the potatoes finally coming up. Not all of them, but around 5 or 6 of them, which is a good start, and about time. Cliff Kidneys & Rua both.

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