End of November

Finally staked & netted the strawberries & blueberries, in between rain bursts this afternoon. I’ll need to do the fig tomorrow. These are the ones in the bed, the rest are in large pots. I’m not sure how old these strawberries are – they were here when I moved in. There are lots of flowers, but any strawberries are still green.

Featured image

That’s kale in the back, that I haven’t had the heart to chop down. And the Jerusalem artichokes are in that back bed. The one on the left has a bit of lettuce & parsley, but is mostly home to lawn clippings. When the time comes, I think I’ll be using that bed for asparagus crowns.

I also potted up the two Albany Surprise grapevines, that way if the places I put them to grow aren’t ideal, I can move them next year. I put one against some clear fence space to use the clothesline as support. And the second is in a narrower spot, but should get a good amount of sun & shelter from the wind – I’m just not sure how much space it will have to spread out, without getting too close to the gate door. Hopefully I can train it across the house if necessary.

Featured image

Still have so much to do – there are seedlings that are growing stronger, but I’ve left them to get a bit larger. Heirloom tomatoes, melons, flowers like anchusa and marigolds, artichokes….hopefully those will go into the ground in the next couple of weeks.

This weekend I’m picking up some Aquilegia seeds, a mixture of colours that a neighbour has available. So hopefully those take, I think they’ll make a nice addition.

And I need to plant the hydrangea I bought a few weeks back – it’s starting to flower, and I’m sure it’d much rather be in the ground than its pot.

And of course mowing. There’s always mowing…ugh. Can’t wait til I convert most of the lawn into flowers and food.

Update 29.11.14: The woman I got the Aquilegia seeds also gave me two sunflower seedlings, so I’ve planted those in the ‘what will eventually be asparagus home’. Also worked on the trellis for the cucumbers – it’s fallen over twice in strong wind, but have dug it in deeper, and put some stakes against it, so hopefully that does the trick. Planted in three basil seedlings & two marigolds with the tomato plants, so hopefully the warm weather is more consistent and they do alright. It also looked like a few coriander seeds had finally sprouted, which only took forever!


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