Early December

Being back at work after a month means I’m not able to spend as much time in the garden – and the weather isn’t helping much either, all the rain & wind. But! Some progress is being made…

The apples are growing….and the grapes that’re on the established vine…

Featured image   Featured image

And a red cherry! On the new tree, even. It’s only one of two cherries on this tree though, so I don’t think it’ll be a booming harvest this summer 🙂

Featured image

The French green beans are just starting out…

Featured image

The tomato plants – I think I may have planted them too close together – now that they’re getting bigger, there’s less light coming through the branches, especially with the lovage in between. Hopefully they still produce well, but I’ll have to remember this for next planting season.

Featured image

The lettuce I planted around the strawberries is enjoying the rain – not quite ready for harvest, but soon enough

Featured image

As for the potatoes – still don’t think I’ll have any by the xmas holidays, but they’re growing which is nice to see. The Cliff Kidney’s are on the right and the Rua on the left.

Featured image

It’s not all just fruit & veg growing around the place, the flowers are doing well – I bought a Dublin Bay rose, which I’ve yet to plant (to do this weekend), but it’s already blooming wildly in its pot

Featured image

The Ispahan in the back yard is doing well, and smelling amazing

Featured image

The Ghislane de Feligonde at the front of the house is just gorgeous – the buds start off peachy orange and then fade to white, so the plant is covered in a variety of colour. It’s also standing well without support so far.

Featured image

And the first of the Sanders’ White rosebuds bloomed overnight – they’re small, and actually, I forgot to smell it to see if it has a scent! But very cute and once the other buds bloom, it should look stunning. This one will need some kind of support or pegging, it’s flopped over on the lawn at the moment.

Featured image

One of the akeake bushes has blossomed as well – lovely small salmon pink flowers

Featured image

And this flower – no idea what it is, it’s one of those mystery plants that were here when I moved in and are only showing their blossoms now…it’s beautiful, and there’s a few of them near the established grapevine (which has gone absolutely bonkers since I pruned it!)

Featured image

So the weekend plan is to mow and plant the Dublin Bay and the hydrangea that’s been waiting patiently. Hopefully the weather is half decent tomorrow. There are some more tomato seedlings and some basil in the windowsill that I’d like to plant too, but those can wait another week or so if it’s not warm enough. Should probably sow some more coriander as well, there’s a couple that look to be growing, but I wonder if birds ate some of the seed…


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