Waiting on the Veg…

The sun has been shining and things are looking good in the garden. The tomatoes are growing – the Roma plant is actually full of small green tomatoes, so hopefully will be picking some by the end of the month.

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There are beans! I expected green beans? These look thinner & curved, so not sure if it’s the type or if they need more regular water? There were only flowers a short time ago, so I was pretty excited to see the beans anyway!

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Look at this apple tree! Star performer

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The potatoes are looking great, flowering a lot now, so another crop I’ll hopefully be able to eat in the next month.

I’ve planted a few artichoke plants around the garden, and some leeks, as well as all the smaller tomato seedlings into pots. There are a couple coriander plants that are taking hold, and the basil smells delicious. The marigolds I planted around the tomatoes are blooming breaking up all the green.

Featured image Featured image

Finished the entranceway last week too, put some purple osteospermum & daphne in, with a lemon balm plant.

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Apart from lots of weeding and tidying, and trying to remove the convolvulus bindweed that is trying to smother my grape vine at the back of the section, I sowed a lot of seeds on the weekend: artichokes, brussel sprouts, lemon balm, poppies, sweet peas, lupin, stock, green beans…so within the next month or so hopefully I’ll be planting some of those into the garden as well to grow over the rest of summer as the months turn cooler.


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