The sun has been shining for days – I think we’ve had one or two days of rain so far this January, it’s been brilliant (except of course, means more watering with the hose). The tomatoes are growing, there are heaps of green ones on the vines, but nothing red yet….

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I have harvested the first beans! They didn’t make it to the pot, I just ate them raw – they were delicious, very crisp & juicy. I’ve planted another four bean plants, so that makes six altogether.

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The pumpkin I bought as a seedling is growing, and has a few flowers – the squash it’s next to is growing a bit more slowly, I might use some Seasol in the garden this weekend.

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The calendula & marigolds are doing great – the marigold has about 4 or 5 blooms on the one plant, light orange & yellow, and it’s amazing that all came from one seed. The calendula are a bit taller, less bushy, and seem to only have a couple of blooms on them but are a gorgeous orange. Here’s one with the tomato flowers and some basil.

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The citrus trees are all doing well – the one in the pot has teensy baby lemons on it, the limes are full of glossy leaves, and the yen ben lemon also has some small lemons growing. I think their season is around June/July, so the lemons are definitely on track.

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I have a bunch of seeds on the windowsills – at the time I sowed the four new bean plants, I also sowed two types of poppy (mixed & bridal), dahlia, Lebanese cucumbers, gherkins, lemon balm, two kinds of sweet pea (jetset & spenser’s scentsation), lupin, calendula, brussel sprouts, artichokes….and then this past week I bought a mixed pack of beetroot, sugar snap peas, swan plant for the butterflies, borage and cornflowers (for the bees), so I sowed a few of those & stuck them in the windowsill too.

I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to plant up more of the backyard – and I should do more of the front yard as well, which currently just has four roses and an azalea bush. So I will likely do some digging around the edges, and then get some more compost ordered on Tuesday, so I can start preparing to plant down these seedlings once they’re a bit larger. I’m also very keen to put garlic down this year, so around the garden edges seems like a good spot.

I’d really love to set up some pathways – especially in the back to begin with – and then plant up around the pathways. I’m sure it’ll take a bit of time, but I’m keen to get as much done while the weather is good; I’m sure over winter I’ll be less inclined to dig out there!


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