Wellington Anniversary

Long weekends should be the rule, I think!

After two days of gale winds & some rain, today was hot and sunny – still windy, but sunny. Yesterday’s wind did a bit of damage – some of the tomato tops broke, and the fig leaves blew off the top – so now the fig tree has one fig & one leaf!

Today I staked up the tomatoes a bit more – and found one that is starting to change colour – so definitely on track for a glut of tomatoes in the near future. I’m hoping to eat a ton, can some, give some away.

Featured image

The first & only raspberry turned pink too – it’s very cute. Hopefully next year the plant produces a lot more!

Featured image

The thornless blackberry is doing much better – not ripe yet, but lots of berries on the vines. I staked it up too because it’s spread out & some of its vines were laying on the ground.

Featured image Featured image

I had a closer look at the pumpkin & squash – the squash actually is growing; it even has a baby squash on it already, its vine was so close to the pumpkin vine that I thought it was all pumpkin. I was thinking of training the squash up the trellis, but I think I’ll just let them creep along the bed & possibly the ground, and the I’ll train up some cucumbers up the trellis instead. The seedlings are probably ready for planting out now, but with the wind being so strong I might wait a few days.

Featured image  Featured image

The sweet pea seedlings also look ready to plant out, but again, too delicate for this wind. I’m going to string up some wire on the front of the fence & let them use that to climb.

The corn is doing something…I guess this is the early stages of the cob? There are four corn plants in there, but only three have enough space to grow, the fourth has been overwhelmed by the Rua potato plants – same with the two beans in the same bed – they get enough sun to grow, but they’re dwarf, and getting swamped by the Rua, which will still be in there at least until the end of March.

Featured image

Ordering more zoo doo tomorrow – I’m going to dig and put the compost down around the edges of the garden, with suitable pathways, so that I can plant the beetroot there, and some flowers like the stock & dahlias. I ordered two more garden pots yesterday too, barrels of different sizes – one I’m going to transfer the potted Meyer lemon into, I think (assuming it’s bigger than the pot the lemon is in now), and the other I’ll use for poppies and maybe peas.

And the sunflowers are getting ready to bloom – this one is so close, the other probably has another week. I think the Jerusalem artichokes are meant to flower like this too, but smaller – but they’re a while away from doing that still. Anyway, I tied the sunflowers up again now that they’re a bit taller, and gave them a good feed of water because they looked a bit droopy. I need to do some fertilising out there too, I think – I have Seasol, which is a conditioner, and also blood & bone, so will have to find time this week to give all the veg & flowers some extra love.

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Also – I’ve been wanting to get chickens & also bee hives – more as a future state rather than now, I don’t think things are prepared enough, and I want to make sure I know what I’m doing first before committing to owning livestock! But a friend of mine shared a picture of the coop her partner made – it’s massive, with a huge amount of walking around area for her 4 chooks, and a sleeping box etc. And they’ve offered to build me up one when the time comes! So that’s exciting. I’d only get a few, maybe 3. But would definitely need to ensure they can graze and also not get into my vegetables, so need to work out where in the garden they could go – especially as I also want a greenhouse, and a beehive tucked in somewhere…

Featured image Andrea’s chicken coop

So many plans! Only so much garden! It’s a pretty big space, but once you factor in all those things, it gets small! I do have the front yard which I really need to start working on I think – terraces or similar set up so that I can plant & access stuff the same way I can in the backyard, which is all flat. It doesn’t get as much sun out front, with a large tree and the house shade, but should be good for plenty.

And that’s the long weekend done. Back to work, at least it’s a short week. Hopefully the weather is still sunny & warm, and I can get out after work to do some more weeding & lawn mowing, and preparing beds for the beets etc.


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