Dry January

We’ve only had 2 days of rain this month and the lawn is crispy. The trees are starting to show stress, yellowing leaves & droopy. The apple tree got a good soak tonight with the hose, hopefully the apples keep growing. The only thing getting regular water are the veg plants & potted plants!

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The tomatoes are doing great – a couple turning red at a time. I planted some more coriander seeds on one side of them. Between that, the basil, the calendula & marigolds, tomatoes & lovage, that bed is pretty chocka.

Featured image  Featured image

The strawberries have mostly finished, but the lettuce is going well. I’ve planted more seed in another hanging basket that hangs off the side of the fence.

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Bought some lemon thyme, pizza thyme (tastes like oregano/thyme), and Japanese mint, and potted them up to sit on the picnic table. I also potted up the dahlias in a similar pot.

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The Dublin Bay rose is going absolutely bonkers – this picture is a week old, there are 11 or 12 blooms on it right now! The Lady Hillingdon has a bloom on it as well, but the other rose plants look like they’ve just packed up in the heat.

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At the weekend I went by a local neighbour’s house to pick up some colocasia plants to plant in my shrub area to fill it out. Their leaves grow quite large, like elephant ears, assuming they get enough sun. He also gave me some viola (my daughter had just bought a few at the garden centre too!) and a couple other plants I’ve forgotten the names of! So guess we’ll see how those go.

Anyway, it’s 10;30pm here & still 25 degrees. Very unusual January for Wellington, but am loving it. Feel a bit sorry for the rainless plants & lawn, but we go so long without summer, it’s great to get a good one in!


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