End of January

I dug up a few potatoes! Cliff Kidneys which are an early variety – you’re meant to wait until they flower, but I think that’s a couple of weeks away – so I dug around a bit & pulled these up. Hopefully didn’t do any damage to any others growing down there! They were delicious. The Rua (mid-to-late season) are flowering madly, but of course those ones you’re not meant to dig until the stalks die down.

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The corn is starting to look more like corn – ears are developing. The tassles look a bit browner, but I’m not sure if that’s because they’ve already been successfully pollinated, or because they’re ready for picking? Because the ears do not look big enough for picking yet. According to the Farmer’s Almanac it’s time to pick them when the tassles turn brown & the ears swell up. Maybe the one on the right is ready? Might give it another week…

Featured image Featured image

And look at the cute mini acorn squash – it’s hanging over the veg bed & looks like a dancer

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I have sheep pellets to put into the squash/pumpkin garden bed, I understand they like quite rich soil. I didn’t look too hard to see if there were any others on the vine, or any other pumpkins besides this cute baby one that was just hanging out of the veg bed on the opposite side, but there are lots of flowers going on, and want to make sure they’re both successful!

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Apart from that, there are more ripening tomatoes, about five on the vine now – all of the grape variety, there are cherry tomatoes and roma growing, but nothing red on them yet. I’m not sure if the Brandywine or Black Krim are going to survive this heat, they were looking awfully wilted when I went out earlier. They have a couple of flowers on them, but nothing very promising yet.

Tomorrow I need to mow, and start doing this landscaping already. Want to get a good portion of it done while the weather is still decent. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, which would be great – but hopefully I can get some garden work done as well.


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