Mid-summer garden

The first two days of February were rainy & windy, so at least the garden got a good drink. The trees – the apple & the cherry in particular – were looking a bit yellow & sad. The lawn is still pretty crunchy – I think the ground must be too hard to absorb a lot of the water.

The vegetables are doing well – I’ve harvested another lot of potatoes, Cliff Kidney. I noticed when boiling them up that their skins peel quite a bit. They’re tasty though. And no picture, but the tomatoes are doing great – have harvested around 10 grape tomatoes, the cherry ones & the roma aren’t ripe yet. The black krim & heirloom brandywines haven’t set fruit – they’re flowering a bit, but we’ll see if the weather stays warm enough for long enough.

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The squash has grown a lot too in the last week – the flower has dried up & fallen away, the skin is looking much more patterned, and it’s larger. Very exciting!

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I forgot to check if there are any other squash on the vine, actually. I did have a look at the pumpkin, which has quite a few fruit on it. Apparently if it’s set fruit, I can cut the ends of the vines down to control its sprawl & it’ll put all its energy into making fat fruit, but I might give it a few days – or go out tomorrow & count how many squash & pumpkins are on there. I did give them all a feed with some sheep pellets, dug heaps into the soil for them.

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The blueberries – what few of them there are – are turning a deep blue. They taste delicious – hopefully next year there’ll be enough to actually make dessert with, or cupcakes!

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And feijoas! It looks like there will be at least 5 feijoas – I think the tree is only young, maybe 3 or 4 years old.

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The watermelon – well I doubt I’ll see fruit off them, but they’re finally flowering!

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I put some weedmat down and moved some pavers to in front of the deck. I wanted to move the pots off the deck so they don’t ruin the wood and also start working on reducing the size of the lawn. I do need to pick up some more narrow pavers to cover the weedmat entirely, but there’s already lots of room for more pots. Should keep the deck clean, and the pots warmer.

Featured image  Featured image

The violas are looking lovely – but you can see the lawn is still a bit sad & dry! I’ve got a lot of seedlings in windowsills waiting to plant out – poppies, lupins, cornflowers…so hopefully the garden will have some colour over the rest of summer.

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The savoy cabbage, artichoke, Brussel sprouts, beetroot, rainbow chard, and sweet Spanish onion are all growing in seed punnets so hopefully I’ll have made enough room & landscaped enough to plant those out in the next couple of weeks.


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