End of February

Work & social life have been hectic lately, so it was great to set out into the garden this morning and get my hands dirty.

Had a look in the windowsills to see what was outgrowing its seedling cups. The basil cuttings I’d put in water had grown nice big roots, so popped those into a pot with some previous cuttings. I’ll have to remember to bring the pot indoors when it gets a bit cooler. And make some pesto! I also noticed the Japanese mint is getting a bit bushy, so took some cuttings to pop in water – I’m not sure if they’ll root like the basil do, but no harm in trying!

Featured imageFeatured image

I planted out a few Brussels sprouts, around 10 beetroot, and 2 mystery plants (on the left, the label wore off and I can’t tell from the leaves!). Also got the first rainbow chard planted out, there’s about 4 or 5 plants (on the right) – sitting in a shallower veg bed than the beetroot, so hopefully that works okay for it.

Featured image Featured image

The beetroot have gone into the same bed as the beans, nasturtium, borage & some leeks – so hopefully they have lots of room to spread below the soil.

The one watermelon plant is in there too, and look, stretching onto the lawn – a teeny watermelon! I really should pull the plant out, it’s completely silly to coddle it when I know it won’t have time enough to actually be eaten.

Featured image

The pumpkin & squash are doing well – lots of bees bumbling around in the flowers. Found one lovely small pumpkin growing under a few leaves in the corner of the bed. Hopefully it’s not the only one in there.

Featured image

Last night harvested a bunch of beans and tomatoes, and there are still more tomatoes ripening & beans growing on their vines. Looks like caterpillars are getting to the leaves – I’ve noticed a few white butterflies around, had been hoping the cats would chase them off!

Featured image Featured image

Still haven’t potted up the muscari or ixia bulbs, think that’s more a job for March from what I’ve read. Will sow some more seeds in the windowsills to replace the plants I took out this morning – some more cabbage & beetroot, maybe some broccoli. I need to think about what will replace the tomatoes when I pull them out. And the rest of the potatoes should be out soon, so that will free up that bed (after I add some zoodoo & nutrients to the soil).

Will mow the lawn tomorrow morning – it’s still too dry to have really grown, but we’ve had a couple good soaking rains this past week, and some of the weeds are getting unruly.

Harvesting: green beans, basil, cherry & grape tomatoes, frilly & baby gem lettuce, potatoes

To do: sow cabbage, beetroot, broccoli seeds; pull up last of potatoes & replace/feed the soil


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