Early March

The garden had a good long soak yesterday, it rained for most of the afternoon. Was fine in the morning though, if a bit windy.

Pulled up the last of the potatoes and added some zoodoo & blood & bone to the veg bed they were in. Planted some beetroot & put in some onion seedlings. Then yesterday, planted yellow wax beans. Also put a trellis in and planted three white cucumber seedlings which will hopefully climb up it. There’s still some more room for more onions, and I might put some nasturtium seeds in as well.

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Lots of tomatoes still growing and ripening – I cut down a lot of the laterals to let more air & sunshine in. There’s flowering coriander in there too, will let them go to seed & sow itself. Once the tomatoes are done, will put in broccoli & cabbage I think; maybe some kale.

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Harvesting green beans every other day or so from the four or five plants that are large enough. There are another four which are a couple of weeks away from producing yet, I think. They’re so delicious, will definitely grow those again next year.

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Found another pumpkin growing, still in early stages. Though they grow fast! This one is the same one I photographed in the entry from the last day of Feb, has easily doubled in size.

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The squash might be ready soon, I’m waiting for the stem to look a bit more dried up.

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The cucumber plants in there with them are growing too, spied the first pickle! There are lots of bees in the flowers there, so hopefully they’re doing lots of pollinating of the cukes too.

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The apple tree in the shady strip behind the house is looking good – the apples look much healthier than the ones in the tree in direct sun. There’s probably 10 or so apples on it. Not sure when they’re ready, don’t know what type of apple it is, but they still look a bit small, so will just keep an eye on them.

Featured image Featured image

I finally caved & took the last watermelon seedling out. Will start those much earlier next year, and hopefully get some fruit off of them! The bed is doing well though, I added some fresh compost & blood & bone, and put in beetroot. There’s a bit more space still, but I think I’ll leave it to put some more beetroot in, spacing out the harvest times a bit. Maybe put some red kale in, since it won’t compete much for space with the beetroot below ground.


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