Autumn, mid-March

It’s technically autumn now, but the weather isn’t there yet. We’ve had a couple days of rain this month and I think more is expected this week – Cyclone Pam is passing north of here, so I think we get some drops from that, but apart from that, sun and warmth.

Here is one of the grapevines, some lettuce on the hanging fence pot which I love and want to buy a few more of at some stage. There’s lemon balm there in that small patch of dirt beside the house, and some crocus bulbs underground which may or may not sprout.

The lettuce, along with parsley, tomatoes and basil all from the garden, make for a lovely fresh salad.

Featured image Featured image

And the first sugar snap pea – I left it on the vine, it looks like it could use another few days, but it’s off a vine which isn’t climbing up, but rather out of, the pot, so it’s nice to see it’s doing ok

Featured image

The cornflower have started blooming, though I was surprised by the colour – I thought they’d be more blue. So not sure if they turn blue or if this is just a different variety. Still pretty, but wonder if the bees will be as excited.

Featured image

The one pickle I’d spied last week is now just one of many – I’m not sure when you’re meant to start harvesting them, I’ll have to look that up. The pickling spice is ready & waiting!

Featured image

The rainbow chard is growing, I popped a few more seedlings in front of the last – I wonder if the left side of the bed gets more sun than the right, they seem to be growing faster on that side! And the beans & artichoke are looking good in the long bed behind the chard – the Brussels sprouts seedling is looking like it’s been caterpillar food, but hopefully will still carry on growing!

Featured image  Featured image

Planted a few more yellow wax beans in place of the first green beans I’d put in, which have done their dash. Sowed some more seeds of red kale, savoy cabbage, broccoli (tender stems), and green beans.

Off to make some slow roasted tomatoes with basil to either turn into a puree for pasta, or maybe a soup for when the colder temps arrive!

Featured image


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