No More Barefeet

The temperature has dropped for good it seems. I snuck out the other evening to have a look around, wearing my garden uniform of the last few months: t-shirt, shorts, barefoot. Had to hop around & move quickly, was proper chilly!

I’ve noticed the seedlings in the window are taking a bit longer too, to grow. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, all looking a bit teeny. I thought about planting the kale out now but I think I’ll give it another week or so – at this stage I think the caterpillars would decimate them.

Still, sunny today and flowers are still blooming. The dahlias on the picnic table have just started, and bees must love the bright yellow because every time I look at them they’ve got a bumble snuffling away at them.

Featured image

Some pickles growing bigger – there are two now on the vine that look big enough to pluck, but I’m not sure how the pickling works – do you wait til they’re all of like size? Make the pickling juice & then shove the pickles in as they’re ready? Anyway, I’d better look it up quick.

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The larger of the two pumpkins is starting to get darker and a bit stripey. I pulled out the squash vine today too because I took the squash off it a few days back and will be eating it for dinner tonight – with some brown sugar & butter knobs. I might chuck some seeds out in the compost and see if anything turns up next year – ya never know!

Featured image Featured image

I’m part of a Facebook garden group, and someone posted this image up today of their garden this morning. I saved the picture because this is the sort of stuff that helps me figure out how I’d like my own garden to look. She has beds like I do (although hers are far larger), so in this case it’s less how I want the garden to look and more the beds themselves – burgeoning! Full and varied stuff all in the same space.

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Anyway, I spent most of the day inside studying and I probably should’ve saved it for tomorrow, it seems it’s meant to rain. I did want to mow the lawns this weekend; after weeks of it being too dry for the grass to grow, we’ve had a few rains now and would be good to do before things start to get unruly! Also need to start putting pea straw down around the seedlings I think, help them stay a bit warmer. And do something about the passionvine hoppers & white butterflies that are trying to eat all my plants!


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