Start of April

I pulled out all the tomato plants – some of the tomatoes are still green, but I’ll find something to make with them if I can’t ripen them on the windowsill. Pulled out some parsley too, which had wound its roots around one of the plants.

Featured image

There’s still marigolds & lovage in the bed, but hopefully the weather is okay tomorrow and I will pull those out too. Or maybe leave the marigolds. But once I replace some soil, I think I’ll be sowing some broad beans in there and some kale.

The rainbow chard is starting to look good, Some bigger than others – not really looking very rainbow-y, really, but maybe some yellow & reddish ones will pop up soon.

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The pickles – there was around 6 that got big enough to pull off the vine, so I put them into a jar with pickling spice, garlic & a brine of vinegar, water & salt. Hopefully they taste okay!

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The weather has still been pretty nice & generally warm, but there’s been more rain. The lawn is noticeably greener. The fig tree is starting to grow more leaves.

I’ve ordered some more trees – an apple tree – or maybe a pear tree; a peach and a few raspberries and another blackberry. I’ll put the fruit trees in the front yard. I also bought some broad bean seeds to plant now, and some seeds that will have to keep until next summer – capucijner pea, which is a Dutch purple pea

I also bought crimson popcorn seeds – someone on my facebook gardening group posted some pictures of theirs & it looked so gorgeous. So next summer I’ll try to grow some of that too.

In the meantime, the garden tasks mostly involve cleaning up the garden beds, removing the stuff that has done its dash – the lovage, some dried out calendula, green bean plants. And replace it with the cabbage, broccoli & kale, plant the broad beans..and mow the lawn!


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