Easter Weekend

I haven’t mowed the lawns yet – no excuse really, it isn’t raining, it’s only overcast but…maybe later.

I did clean up the veg bed the tomatoes were in. Pulled out a spent marigold, collected some seeds from it, and also from the old calendula. Also collected some coriander seeds before pulling it out – it never grew very well, only a few spindly bits, next year I will just try growing it in a shallow tray I think. Added some more compost, trimmed the lovage down, left in the basil and one marigold plant, and there’s a couple of leek seedlings in there. Planted 5 broad bean seeds on one side, 4 kale on the other, and four savoy cabbage down the middle. I think they need a lot of space, so hopefully things don’t get overly crowded.

Featured image

Not quite sure why this borage is so huge (on the right hand side of the veg bed) – I planted another one with the Jerusalem artichokes & it’s small and flowering nicely, but the one with the leeks & beets is just becoming monstrous and not flowering. I might have to pull it out, I don’t want it taking up all the space. Apart from the borage that bed is doing well, some lovely looking beets and leeks, masses of calendula. Might be time to pull those beans out on the left against the trellis, though. Nasturtium still not flowering, but maybe that’s to do with the borage, not sure.

Featured image  Featured image

This bed has the white cucumbers against the trellis – finally starting to look a bit stronger than they did for a few weeks there, growing some thicker leaves. Hopefully they’ll still manage as the weather gets colder. The yellow wax beans are also looking more leafy. The beets are looking great, nice and healthy. The onions are still a bit spindly, but they’ve got heaps of time to grow – 115 days to harvest, apparently. I think I’m meant to be fertilising them more though, so I might do that – they need lots of nitrogen, according to a gardening website. I popped 2 savoy cabbage in today as well, on the right hand corner because I had some extras that wouldn’t fit in the other bed.

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I pulled the pumpkin out from its place beneath all the leaves, and have hung it over the edge of the bed – most of the leaves have powdery mildew now, so I don’t want it affecting the pumpkins. Or the cucumbers – these are Lebanese cukes, but one is a strange shape! Maybe to do with the watering? Not sure, but as long as it tastes ok, I guess its looks don’t matter!

Featured image Featured image Featured image

The chard are doing well – looking pretty strong – I added another 5 seedlings, hopefully this staggering will help keep me in chard for the next few months. I should start harvesting that first one in the corner I think, not sure how big they’re meant to get, but it looks yum. The bed behind it is artichokes, Brussels sprouts, some kale seeds, and green beans.

Featured image Featured image

The peas – sugar snap & sweet – are growing up the trellis nicely – hopefully the sweet peas start flowering soon and adding some colour. I’ve sown so many sweet pea seeds and haven’t seen a plant yet, but apparently now is the time to plant them rather than summer, so hopefully these will be the ones! There’s another one of those gigantic borage in the pot in front of the pea trellis.

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So that’s the autumn garden so far. The corner garden bed still has the sunflowers and a few tomato plants, so I’ll probably pull those out next weekend. Replace with some broccoli and some red kale. Not sure about whether I should be netting them, have seen quite a few white cabbage moths around the place & caterpillars, so want to protect the brassicas!


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