The temperature has really dropped – today is sunny and a bit warmer, but the heat pump went on yesterday for the first time. It’s quite chilly and windy, and we’ve had a good amount of rain, which I’m sure the garden has loved.

The swan plants I put out a month ago have monarch caterpillars on them – two larger ones, and a few tiny ones. So that’s pretty cool to see, especially since that was the only reason I planted them! Next year I’ll have to remember to start them earlier so they can get a bit more larger before their visitors come.

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Pulled out one of the pumpkin plants, the larger pumpkin seems ready and wasn’t growing much, so better to make room for other things. I replaced some of the soil & planted out red & green kale. There’s still one pumpkin in there, quite small, so not sure if it’ll come to anything. Pulled out the cucumber that was in there, it only produced two small ones. And left the pickle in, there’s still a couple more on the vine, and the pickles I made taste pretty delicious!

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Threw some chive seeds in with the potted grapevine – apparently they help with aphids, which I didn’t know, so hopefully next year they’ll leave the grape alone. Pulled out the calendula that was getting to be a bit of a space hog – the leeks beside it were soft – not sure why that is, but maybe they’ll be OK now the calendula is gone? It seeded a bit anyway, so I think it won’t be long before some new flowers pop up.

Pulled out the very last of the tomato plants and popped some more green kale & savoy cabbage in there. I didn’t replace the soil, but might add some compost in later. Had to weed the bed a bit too, there was lots of some kind of creeping groundcover – easy to pull out, but I didn’t want it crowding out the other plants. Sowed 3 broadbean seeds in there too.

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Also planted some ixia and giant muscari bulbs in a pot, so hopefully those will put on a nice show in spring! And put in some fresh lettuce seed in a pot and also in with the strawberries – there’s a few lettuces in there that will go to seed, but put in some fresh soil too for some more nutrients

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Going to harvest the first of the rainbow chard tonight with dinner

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Made this small posy for a friend of mine the other day – cornflowers & calendula from the garden – very bright & cheery!

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The tweedia is blooming again too – and the seed pods I’d taken off are drying in the windowsill – I love how orderly the seeds look in the pod before they explode into puffs of fluff

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Still have yet to mow the lawn – did try but the mower refused to start, so not sure what its problem is. Have emailed around trying to get someone professional to come and attack them but haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ll probably try the mower again tomorrow, so frustrating!


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