Early May

Last planting in the garden before I go to Bali for 10 days, so popped in a few broccoli in bed 1, and in with the sage. Some red kale into bed 4.

Featured image Featured image

I also planted the spring bulbs – mixed freesias, double navy freesias (which actually look purple), and a mixed bunch of daffs & narcissus – some in the front next to the entrance of the house, some in pots at the back – some in with the lemon too, so hopefully they don’t bother each other. The red lettuce is looking good, some of the green was left to bolt & seed. The peas are funny – most of them look great and are producing well, but one single plant is yellow rather than green – no idea why, the soil is obviously the same…have left it though, just to see what it does.

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The autumn crocuses I planted a few weeks back have sprouted, one is already flowering. That’s lemon balm around it, it’s just a few inches of land at the back of the house between the walkway and back gate, so nice to have it looking a bit nicer tan just a clump of weeds!

Featured image

Anyway, the broad beans have all sprouted and are coming along, some more sugar snap peas in bed 2 are just starting to sprout. I’ve got a few more seedlings in my window, some red kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts & fennel which has just sprouted. I’ve got someone house sitting while I’m away, so assuming they water them once or twice, they should be not far off ready to plant by the time I’m back.

Featured image Featured image

Featured image  Featured image


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