First time out in the garden since the holiday – it’s going a lot slower than it was during summer, that’s for sure. The broad beans are growing, and I’ve seen shoots from spring bulbs that I’d put in before I left, but all the veg are still small

Featured image Featured image

Featured image Featured image

But still – there are some flowers still blooming – anemones, I think – I actually have no idea how these ones are blooming, I don’t recall planting them! They’re in a pot with some gazanias – a purple one grew, and now this magenta one!

Featured image

And the beets are growing well, though slowly…and some yellow beans were big enough to pick!

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So today’s harvest included the last feijoa, two beetroot (yellow & striped red), a beautiful head of red lettuce (which I ate for lunch with some capsicum & cucumber), some yellow beans, and some Jerusalem artichokes which are currently roasting with the beetroot & a small pumpkin!

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There are some seedlings in the window – a couple of broccoli, kale, and fennel, but they’re not large enough to plant out yet. I also have 9 asparagus crowns to plant out – Pacific Purple – hopefully they can wait a week before I plant them, I have to dig up their bed! I was thinking of putting them in one of the raised beds, but because it has to be a permanent bed and needs sun, I think I’ll dig up a part of the yard for them. Ordering some zoo doo manure today, hopefully can get the bed sorted during the week.

Asparagus Crowns - Pacific Purple (country trading co.)

Still waiting on a pear tree and four berry plants that I’d ordered a month or so ago from Edible Gardens – 3 raspberry and another blackberry. So those should arrive next week. I think the pear will go in the front yard. The berries I’ll plant with the existing berry plants.

We’ve had heaps of rain, parts of the city even flooded, though because I’m on a hill, no problems. So at least the garden will get its fill! And until the kale takes off at least there’s rainbow chard, lettuce, beetroot, peas & Jerusalem artichokes to eat!


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