First Week of June

Well it took about 1000 years (at least 3 weekends, I think) for me to finally get the asparagus bed done & dusted. I dug up a section of lawn & dug down as far as my arms could manage – about 6 inches, maybe, before the bedrock really started becoming problematic. Everything I’d watched on YouTube about growing asparagus suggested digging deep trenches, so I decided to build up to make up the depth – I found concrete blocks at Bunnings to line the pit & filled it with zoodoo & sheep pellets, mixing it in with the existing soil. I laid nine crowns in this afternoon, so all’s well, in a year or so, I’ll have some beautiful purple asparagus on my plate! And because the concrete blocks have holes in them, I figure I’ll look up some companion plants and shove them in too!  I know the bricks could be more even, but ..hopefully they’ll settle in over time!

Featured image

I also bought a pear tree a while back (a Pear Seckle), 3 more raspberries, and another thornless blackberry which have arrived now that it’s winter. So I’ll aim to get those into the ground tomorrow.

Featured image Featured image One of the grapevines’ leaves have turned with the weather – the other grapevine hasn’t got any leaves, so I think probably its location isn’t great. I just need to figure out where to move it where it will get more sun.

Featured image

The pots are still doing well – some bulbs I planted a couple of weeks ago are sprouting through, some flowers are still going, the lettuce & parsley are delicious, and the blueberry plants have also turned to their autumn colours. Featured image

Planted out a couple more broccoli and four more kale plants too today. Everything is just slower now, but the beetroot are coming along, the rainbow chard are lovely, and some of the older kale are starting to take off quite well. Featured image  Featured image Featured image

I do have a fair amount of weeding to do. It’s harder now that it’s dark by the time I get home, the weekends are really the only time I can spend in the garden & see what I’m doing! The next jobs are:

  • plant the tree & berries, and some Chinese cabbage & fennel I have in my windowsill
  • do the weeding, and find some space to plant some garlic bulbs – I got some Printanor, which I think is a bit boring probably, as you can buy it in the shops, but the Spanish Red one I wanted to try isn’t being sold this year. I might get some more concrete blocks & make a smaller new bed for garlic, not sure…
  • Dig up some space for potatoes too, I want to grow Maori potatoes & also Pink Fir Apple fingerling potatoes this year. Featured image Country Trading (I bought 3 bulbs)

So lots to get on with – at least all the hard work will keep me warm in this cold weather!


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