Today I bought 16 strawberry plants – 8 Strawberry Supremes, 4 Camarosa & 4 Strawberry Royal. I planted them in the asparagus bed after reading that they work well when planted in between the asparagus rows – I think it’s just about the timing of when they fruit, so the bed is doing something instead of just sitting waiting on asparagus…So we’ll see how things look in a year or two! I put some pea straw around them to keep them warmer – it’s cold! Hopefully the wind doesn’t blow it all off.

Featured image

One strawberry plant didn’t fit in the bed, so I popped it in with some other strawberries I have in an oval pot.

I also bought some cabbage seedlings and broccoli seedlings. I’ve got some growing already – well, tender stems broccoli & Chinese cabbage, these are regular broccoli and mini cabbages, but I had some space so …

Featured image

I bought a feijoa tree too – it was only $5, and I’ll pop it next to the other feijoa. I love them & they’re so expensive to buy in the grocery store, so figured no harm in having another. They take an age to fruit though.

And I put some more pea straw in with the garlic & around the kale – I think the extra warmth from it helped some of the kale, so we’ll see.

Featured image

It’s nice that even when it’s so cold, there’s still a lot going on in the garden. I also bought some seeds – phacelia for the bees, some more marigolds, dwarf Roma tomatoes, more Chinese cabbage, mini cabbages, and asters. And had a look at the pumpkin varieties on Kings Seeds…not sure when it’s time to start growing them, but if I prepare now, then in a month or so maybe I could grow seeds inside until it gets a tiny bit warmer…


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