It’s cold and everything is taking an age to grow, but there’s still lots of colour from flowers blooming

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Ate a plateful of red & green kale with red & green chard too, the only veg going in the garden.

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The cabbages are starting to heart up, but they’re not ready yet & the broccoli isn’t anywhere close either.

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Lots of bulbs sprouting up – the ones I put in, daffodils, narcissus & freesias, and then I spied a bunch coming up that were planted by the previous owner’s of the house, I think they’re all different types of daffodils too. So spring should be pretty!

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The broad beans look like they’ll start flowering soon, and it’ll soon be time to start planting capsicums indoors and pumpkins. Also I bought some pink fir apple potatoes, Agria potatoes, and purple Maori potatoes so it’ll be time to chit them soon.

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So many things to plant too – I have the time on weekends, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet! The pear, the berries – actually, someone is going to come clear out some bush in the backyard that is against the fence – so I might put the new berry plants there, help them get more sun & use the fence as support for them to climb. Also have these leptospermum, just small ones, but when they grow they’ll have beautiful pink flowers – I’m going to put them at the front of the house between windows.

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