Mid July

Dug up the fig, yen ben lemon, tahitian lime & potted them in these large 45 litre garden bags. I’ve parked them near the pots next to the deck, along with the now-bagged feijoa. Hopefully they’ll get some shelter from the strong winds, and actually produce stuff!

I also ordered a bunch of seeds from Kings Seeds, which was probably not the best idea but also the best idea. I definitely needed the Marina di Chioggia pumpkin & the Honeynut squash. I probably didn’t as much need the French Garden beans, Calypso Cucumber, Sweet Granite melon, Bergamot bee balm, Container eggplant, black passionfruits, Sweet As watermelon & the black cherry tomatoes, but….I’m sure I can find room in my heart for them!

Featured image

I did manage not to buy these super cute Amish Pie pumpkins, so I feel almost virtuous. 30kg each of pumpkin is a bit much for a 2 person family.

Featured image

The weather has been pretty wintry – lots of frosts, but nothing lost except the lovage – lots of rain & wind. It’s supposed to be sunnier this week. I’m out of town for most of it, but hopefully next weekend I’ll see some garlic shoots – still nothing, starting to get impatient!

Definitely going to sow some seeds as well next weekend, try and get a jump on some of the plants to put out when the temps warm up a bit.


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