The other side of winter

It’s about 13 degrees today, overcast. It feels like we’re almost done with winter, and signs of spring are popping up – the first of the narcissus has opened, and I can see some buds forming on some others. One of the dwarf dahlia – that has grown from seed & been in the ground for at least six months – has bloomed too.

Featured image Featured image

Even the manuka are flowering – albeit in the windowsill because I haven’t planted them out in front of the house yet. There’s one open flower & a fair few buds on all three of them.

Featured image

…so I sowed some seeds. Indoors only, so far, although I have a few lettuces I want to sow this afternoon, and some more beetroot. Sweet Granite melon (a canteloupe-type) (4), watermelon (6), Marina di Chioggia pumpkin (6) & Honeynut squash (6), and container eggplant (6). I’m out of town for a few weeks mid-Aug to early Sep, so hopefully they’re watered by the housesitter while I’m gone, but I was keen to get a start on some things because last year the summer plants took an age to produce – by the time the watermelon was starting to produce, it was getting too cold.

Featured image

The garden is still plodding along – the broad beans are flowering a lot now. The kale looks good & the rainbow chard, but no broccoli yet, nor any hearted cabbages. Maybe I’ve not fed them enough of the right nutrients, I’ve left them mostly to the compost & rain. They’re growing but still leafy.

Featured image

Still no sign of the garlic. What I did think was a shoot was actually a self-seeded shoot from the pea straw!

Also hoping to plant out the potatoes today, in tires in the backyard. Pink fir apple, purple Maori potatoes & agria. Also need to run up to Bunnings and pick up some tub planters – going to try the passionfruit seeds in a container, and also the raspberry canes.


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