Planting Season

Isn’t it always, I guess? But spring! I’m so behind, just got back from Canada & there’s so much to do. I still need to plant the potatoes, which I’ll do this weekend. The seeds indoors – the pumpkin took, but nothing else yet. Maybe they dried out, so I’ll give them another week of TLC or so, but will plant some others indoors as well.

The garden is an actual mess – kale, garlic, leek, cabbage in abundance. The broccoli – I think maybe it’s too leafy, maybe too much nitrogen in the soil. I’ll have to spend some time taking some things out over the next week or so to make room for spring planting. The lawn needs mowing desperately.

Featured image Featured image

Flowers in the front entranceway are looking good though!

Featured image

Went to a fair today and bought 6 helenium plants, a few black-eyed susans, and a red hot poker plant. I love how leggy they get, and they’ll hopefully fill some of the green space in the garden and make it a bit brighter…when they grow up and look like these photos!




They need to stay inside a bit longer, but I’ll plant them outside in a month when the ground is warmer.


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