Flowers & Winter Veg

The garden is full of flowers either blooming or just about to come up – the weather has definitely warmed up, and its been almost like summer over the last week. Hoping it lasts over the weekend so I can get out there & clear out some of the winter veg to make room for the next plants.

The freesias have started to bloom – a white one out front, where glads are still blooming, and some purple ones in the backyard pots.

Featured image Featured image

Snapdragons that Eli planted last summer are also blooming

Featured image

The blueberries are full of buds too, so hopefully we’ll get more fruit this year than last! And the borage is getting bigger & still flowering up a storm – it’s been perfect these past months, adding some colour to the garden all this while.

Featured image Featured image

The cineraria in the front entranceway are great to see each time I pass – so pleased that they’ve come up as different shades of purples, it just looks great with the silver dust cineraria and the house itself.

Featured image

The potatoes are in their tires, and there are seedlings in the window – the Marina di Chioggia pumpkins really took off, there are 6 plants looking big & healthy as anything, but the other seeds are taking their time. I’m going to start sowing corn, popcorn, tomatoes, purple beans and yellow peppers this week, still indoors, and start pulling out some of the winter veg to make room for it all and pre-condition the soil.

Edit: No photos, but I’ve sown a bunch more seeds – black cherry tomatoes, yellow honeybee tomatoes, black krim tomatoes, sweet corn, popcorn, yellow banana peppers. Also – tomorrow I pick up a free swing set! Hopefully I can get it set up easily enough, and I’ll leave the swings off, but it should make a great A-frame for climbing veg if I can secure some netting across it – or even a mini greenhouse if I use some kind of polyurethane….

Featured image

Also started clearing out the raised beds – the one with the Jerusalem artichokes is cleared (there are probably a few lingering around, but), and I pulled out the last of the beets (mostly unsuccessful, will keep trying but the darned things never got much larger than a finger). Dug in some of the broad beans into veg bed 3, and tossed in the bokashi compost – which staaaank! – plus a bag of zoodoo. Will let that all stew for a week, then chuck in some veg mix compost to the mix and some sheep pellets. I think that’ll be where I plant the pumpkins.

Also piled up more soil on the onions which are looking good – there are only about 8, I think, but they’re looking like onions, which is good. And pulled out the leeks which look perfect – I roasted one with dinner tonight, and it tasted great. I’ll use the others in soup, I think. There’s still lots of broad beans, kale and the garlic going well in their beds, so I’ll leave those for the time being.


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