The sun has been out all month so far, it’s been glorious. Windy as anything for a few days, but today might as well be summer. And I spied the first asparagus! It’s only their first year, so they’re spindly, but hopefully a sign of future crops! You can hardly see it amongst the straw, but it’s there in the middle. And a photo of the cat guarding the bed. Or being a nuisance, rather – I hope her naps don’t interfere with any spindly asparagus growth.

Featured image Featured image

I planted some more pink fir apple potatoes in a tire, and added some soil to the others – some good sprouts showing.

Featured image

And planted out the Marina di Chioggia pumpkin seedlings that were getting too big for the windowsill…these 4 are in a bed that’s filled with bokashi waste, zoodoo, and semi-dried broad bean stalks that were put in to fix nitrogen over winter…I hope all those nutrients do them some good! I’ll mulch them with grass later this afternoon, I think. No good forgetting that a day of warm sun doesn’t mean summer in Wellington!

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Mulched the blueberries with peat – apparently they like it, maybe it’s a bit more acidic. And this one is mixed with blood & bone, so hopefully the plants thrive off of it. They’re flowering nicely, hopefully bees will come around to pollinate them.

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Sowed some mesclun outside, and will sow some red Montpellier lettuce later too. Sowed coriander in a tray, so we’ll see how that goes, it didn’t take off at all last summer. Put some fresh straw around the strawberries in the pot – most of the plants are starting to flower now, the ones in the asparagus bed too. Have to refresh some of the pots, some plants have done their dash, but have sown all sorts of flower seeds inside, so once they’re ready, will fill the pots up again…

Featured image

Speaking of seeds inside…the sills in the kitchen and office are packed full – I wish I could use more windows, but there aren’t many others that the cats don’t jump up on. The one in the hallway might work…

Featured image

Today sowed some anchusa, viola, marigolds, basil, pickles, nasturtium, dwarf roma tomatoes, aster & rockmelon inside, so will hopefully be able to put some flowers in the front bed, as well as some of the pots, and the marigold & nasturtium will go alongside some of the veg in the raised beds. Calendula self-seeded last year & is already growing out there with the broad beans (which appear to just be starting to turn into beans, fingers crossed they make it) and kale.

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Still need to sow courgette – I bought a yellow variety last year & can’t find it, so once I do, I’ll pop those into the container the pumpkins have just freed up. And of course need to still sow some more corn & plants over the next couple of weeks, trying to stagger them so that harvest is more helpful than haphazard.

Got that swing I mentioned in the last post, so have to put that together – without the swing & ropes. Will use the frame to support climbing plants during the summer..and then maybe when it’s cooler, I can drape it with frost cloth or polyurethane to mimic a greenhouse…

Also want to build a worm farm in the next week or so – I found a great tutorial online for making one out of tires and a few bricks, which sounds much more cost effective than the $360 for the bought version! Also want to sort out a windbreak. And have asked a tree person to come around and clear those bushes against the fence next week – they won’t get rid of the stumps, unfortunately, although I can pay someone else to do that, but at least it will free up some space & maybe that’s where I can put the helenium and black-eyed susans. And the raspberries & blackberries…


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