Mid-week sunshine

It’s been so sunny & windy lately, I’m trying to get back in the habit of watering the plants outside that are just starting to come up. The pumpkins & mesclun, all the potted berries & trees. Apparently we can expect drought this summer, which isn’t ideal – will have to mulch everything really well.

So got the bushes & the cabbage tree chopped down. Feel more exposed on that side, but it’s freed up a lot more planting space. Now to decide what to do with it – it only gets morning sunshine, so I could trellis up some vines against the fence, or put in a raised bed…even a chicken run! Too many options really. I’ll probably dig it up & put in some good compost this weekend anyway.

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The broad beans! Planted them from seed in June, and finally – finally! – the beans have arrived. Not too many so far, but there are about a dozen.

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The pumpkins seem to be doing alright in their compost-y bed, full of the bokashi & dug in broad bean plants

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and the potatoes are starting to come up – the waiporoporo came up first, the pink fir apple last

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You can hardly see them, but the two asparagus that I can find (out of what, 9 crowns? hope more appear soon!) have gone all ferny-looking.

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and the onions are fattening up – at least a few of them – some look more like spring onion still, or baby leek

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Yumi is hanging out with the flowering broccoli & borage

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