Early November

A sunny Saturday. Managed to get more of that section against the fence done, but ran out of zoodoo, so will finish it when the next batch arrives. Planted the raspberries & blackberry in it.

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Harvested my first onions! Two had formed flower bulbs, and google told me that means they’re ready. I sauteed one with some mushrooms, it was delicious.

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I planted another four corn seedlings, and two butternut – all in the same bed as the others. I also went to the equestrian school in Johnsonville to pick up some manure and hay. I’ll put the manure around the berries and around some of the artichokes and pumpkins. The hay will go around the strawberries and the tomatoes – hopefully I’ll get to plant those tomorrow. I need to dig in some water bottles first.

Loving the sage flowers that have come up. And there’s more broadbeans to pull off tomorrow.

Featured image  Featured image

I want to sow more artichokes, and plant a few of them against the fence. There’ll be some space between the berries & the helenium (which I can plant once I get that zoodoo shipment).

I also got two grape vines today! Freebies from a neighbour – he wasn’t sure what kind they are, but said they fruited prolifically. Will have to figure out where to put them. I can probably squeeze one in near the other grape vine against the fence at least. Will have to think about where the second one can go.

Fingers crossed for another sunny day tomorrow!


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