It’s really windy but bright & warm enough to do some gardening. I picked up some manure & hay from the stables yesterday evening, so added some hay into the beds where the tomatoes are going, in with the pumpkins, and around the artichokes, as well as side dressing in the bed against the fence with the berries & grape. I put hay around the strawberries & asparagus so they’re well bedded now, and around the pumpkins – I think the soil gets stripped from the wind, so hopefully this will keep some moisture in.

Featured image  Featured image

Planted some tomatoes – honeybee yellow (hybrids) and black cherry tomatoes, the only ones really big enough to go out at this stage. Trying something I heard about on a vege Facebook group I’ve joined – put some milk powder in the hole before putting the tomato plant in, and also took off the lower two leaves & lay them on their sides. Apparently the calcium helps them avoid blossom rot, and the laying them on the side helps them grow stronger roots. I’ve also surrounded them with hay.

Featured image

So basically a lot of photos of hay today…!

The potatoes are coming along nicely – I need to pick up some more tyres, but will do that during the week. From bottom of photo to top it’s Pink Fir Apple, Agria & Waiporoporo – and next to the Agria & Wai there are more Pink Fir Apples but they’re too low to see. That other tyre is just waiting to go on top of one of the others. The Waiporoporo are the fastest growing.

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And the first signs of the olives! The tree is laden with these buds, so hopefully that’s bumper crop on the way. My olives were mostly a shambles last year, so will try again.

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Here’s the corn with the self-seeded calendula & the lovage that just won’t quit. There’s 8 in there now, and three butternut squash in amongst them, surrounded by pea straw.

Featured image

There’s still a few hours of daylight, so I might lay down some more cardboard & weed the area next to the fence. I don’t have any soil left to put on top, but will weigh the cardboard down with rocks & then when the zoodoo arrives I can just dump it & plant the helenium & black-eyed susans right away. They’re looking pretty sad in their pots, so am keen to get them in quickly, but also since they get so leggy & will likely stay where they’re planted for a few years, I want to plant them as far from the berries as possible. I’ll try and slide a few artichokes between the two, and then can maybe think about putting some roaming plants like courgettes or pumpkin in too.

While I was taking the last of the cardboard boxes out of the basement nook I found a small box of some stuff for the irrigation set up the previous owners put in. I still don’t know how it works, so should probably figure that out, although they put it in against the fence with the bushes, so not sure how useful it is to me. But anyway, in the box there were three seed packets! They’ve expired, but no harm in trying them come fall. They’re rocket, broccoli & cauliflower. Pretty cool random find.


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