Mid Nov

There’s a storm brewing by the looks of things, but managed to get some work done in the garden.

Shored up the berries with more zoodoo, and, because why not use the space until they get bigger, chucked a couple of cucumber seedlings in there too – long white, I think they’re called.

Also finally got the Waltraut helenium in and the orange poker flowers. Hopefully they take alright, the soil isn’t very deep where they are and they had massive roots.

Added some soil to the potato tyres and when I ran out of potting mix I used horse hay instead – I read that potatoes will grow in it just as easily as soil, so I guess we’ll see! Would be easier to sneak baby ones out without disturbing the whole plant, that’s for sure.

Started spying all sorts of growth going on now that the average temperature is a bit higher…strawberries! I have got to net those up tomorrow no matter what.

The apple tree is absolutely laden with wee new apples and the cherry tree has a few cherries (which I have no idea how to adequately net so will likely be bird food…)

I was stoked to see the Ispahan covered in buds

2015-11-21 18.22.21

And the poor fig! It has the most leaves on it that it’s ever managed – in its old spot in the garden it would get its mop torn off every time there was a wind storm. I potted it and have moved it to the very corner of the deck to give it some shelter. It’s not sustainable a spot – but I’m so keen on actually getting figs, I can’t think of where else to put it. I’ll have to build a wind break at some point, but until then..

2015-11-21 18.24.57

Tomorrow – if it’s not pouring rain – I’ll net up the strawberries, raspberries & blueberries; plant the Dublin Bay rose (to the left of the heleniums, against the fence); uplift the rest of the broad beans & dig in their roots; and maybe go pick up some more manure & hay from the equestrian centre. I still have those grapes I picked up last week to plant, so I’ll need to have a think about where.






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