End of November

Gale winds the last week or so, up to 130km. I really need to get on with building some windbreaks – Mitre 10 trip this weekend, for sure.

The Ispahan rose has started blooming – it smells divine, too

2015-11-28 10.19.24

And the first artichoke bud has made its appearance! I think there are four plants in the garden, they’ve all remained relatively small. I sowed some seed for a few more, so once those seedlings are big enough I’ll pop them in the garden too, I think next to the Helenium & Dublin Rose.

2015-11-28 10.24.54

The first of the grapes are starting to show – there’s quite a few bunches and the vine has gotten much larger now that the shrub that was crowding it has been pulled out. Probably the fresh zoodoo around its base has helped too. I’ve put some hyssop seed down around it and have a few hyssop seedlings to plant – apparently that keeps away sapsuckers. I will need to fight the birds for them, probably, so will have to figure out a way to net the vine….something to think about on the Mitre 10 trip too!

Planted seedlings that have become large enough to move outside: three black krim tomatoes, 3 more Marina di Chioggia pumpkin, as well as 8 more sweet corn. I might throw some bean seeds in with the corn plants, hopefully they corn will grow tall & strong enough in the next few weeks that the beans can climb them.




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