Early December

Warm & sunny today, I went for a wander in the garden after work – it’s been rainy & overcast for the past week, and windy as anything, so just wanted to see how things are looking.

Can’t get over how big the pumpkin plants are getting – the first flowers on one of them.

2015-12-04 16.29.41

And spotted the first feijoa flower of the season too! Though they won’t fruit for a few months yet.

2015-12-04 16.31.15

The patch against the fence is coming along – planted a few lupin, some viola, four globe artichokes, red geranium, a new grapevine, a golden raspberry…put some hay around the berries and some of the seedlings. The spring winds have been persistent as anything, so hopefully the hay will keep everything from drying out too much.

I still need to shore up the borders with logs or bricks, and then put some pavers or something down at intervals to make access to the fruits easier without trodding on the soil.

Also planted some more corn & tomatoes today, as well as basil. Potted up the rosemary & common sage plants I bought the other week.

Tomorrow, if it’s not raining, I’ll clear out some of the brassicas that have been flowering for a while and replace them with some of the tomatoes & cucumber plants. Also cleome (which, to my surprise, has leaves that look like marijuana & smell like it too! When I noticed them on the windowsill & smelled them, I thought maybe somehow the seeds I got were mislabeled! I googled it, and turns out it’s well known. Thought that was pretty funny). Anyway, will plant them near my tomato plants to attract the green shield bugs away from the fruit. I’m also going to sort out the compost bin, put some different layers in and get that started.



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