A Sunny Wednesday

I just can’t stop wandering out into the garden to have a look at things. It feels like there’s always going to be that chance that something will be ready to be nibbled or cooed over.

I ate the first cherry off the tree today! It’s the first time one has looked ripe enough AND didn’t get snatched by a bird. It was very nice. Probably could’ve used another day, but then no doubt a bird would’ve scoffed it instead of me…

2015-12-09 18.52.33

Planted out watermelon & Granite cantaloupe today – they need lots of sun & warmth, and time, so they’re really more of an experiment plant in Wellington, I think. Last summer I just about got inch-sized watermelons, but then summer was over. So fingers crossed…

2015-12-09 18.51.36

There are a few wee pumpkins growing – probably the most obviously growing plant in the garden, one in particular is stretching itself into the corn patch…

2015-12-09 18.50.05

The waiporoporo flowers have a lovely purple tinge – I really need to pick up more potatoes to stack, and I’ve been using straw/hay inside for most of the top layers instead of soil as another experiment. I think this weekend I’ll start scrabbling around inside to see if any are ready for the pot.

2015-12-09 18.53.49

The tomatoes are coming along – a couple even look like they’re developing flower buds, even though they’re quite short. Can’t remember which ones are where now – I think the ones the pumpkin is pointing to are black cherry, and the black krim are in front of those…the others might be the honeybee yellow ones. Guess we’ll see once they fruit! One day I’ll label things…


2015-12-09 18.50.43

And is this a teeny tiny courgette I spy? Really teeny, but still in existence…

2015-12-09 18.51.12

The apples are looking delicious – I’m very hopeful they’ll have  a cracker harvest this year

2015-12-09 18.52.17

And a comparison of how the strawberries looked after first planted compared to now..


2015-06-13 12.30.40

and now:

2015-12-09 18.51.59

They’ve been giving up a handful of strawberries every other day, and the birds have kept mostly off of them – which is great seeing as I haven’t net them up yet, despite planning to just about every weekend for the last month. A lot of them are small, not sure if that’s down to the plant or the soil/water/temps, but still delicious.

The two eggplant are still in the windowsill – I’m worried about planting them out since the winds are still quite strong & persistent. There’s not really a very sheltered spot that gets enough all day sun. I think I’ll have to just take the leap though, and plant them out this weekend.


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