A New Year

The garden growth has been relatively slow, for this time of year. But hopefully we’ll have a long summer.

The yellow courgettes are producing – I’ve had two, and there are a couple of small ones on the way. Delicious!

2016-01-07 17.21.03

The capucjiner peas – some are green! – but they’re tasty. I’ve mostly been eating them as snowpeas, though if they stay on the vine long enough they develop into actual peas.

The first tomatoes have arrived! Not anywhere close to eating yet. I think they’re black cherry tomatoes, but can’t recall, and won’t know until they ripen more.


The first lupin has begun flowering too -so pretty.


The strawberry/asparagus bed is looking great, although the strawberries themselves are throwing out more runners than fruit. They might need a feed, but the runners mean more plants, so I’m not overly worried.

2016-01-10 09.22.04.jpg

Some nasturtium growing with the tomatoes…I love how frayed they look

2016-01-10 09.21.28.jpg

The corn has a long way to go yet, and I’ve yet to see any cucumbers…the eggplants look like they might flower soon, but I imagine that’s the best I’ll get out of them. Maybe one day I’ll have a greenhouse to grow them in.

The first helenium is starting to flower

2016-01-09 07.40.24

and the first geranium too…

2016-01-10 09.22.50.jpg



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