Late January

The pickles are starting…


Ok, note to self for all future growing seasons – map out where you planted things. I mean, honestly. Now that things are starting to fruit, there are pickles in different locations – and that might be okay, but maybe with pollination it’d be better if all the pickle plants were together?


That might also help identify the ones that are actually pickles & not just not-yet-grown big cucumbers.

(related sidebar: when gardening advice suggests putting a bamboo stick where the pumpkin root is so you know where to aim the hose when all the pumpkin plants have gone rampant? DO IT)

The artichokes are looking way more vibrant in this area of the garden – the first ones I put in on the other side took ages to grow & suffered…but these look lush! The viola & helenium are looking good too.


The eggplant are flowering


How pretty are the gazania & dahlia?

The corn is coming along finally! There are some peas in there too – I was trying to do the three sisters thing, but the corn is pretty short, and the peas aren’t climbing them. Ah well.




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