End of January

Went out to do some weeding, and to thin out the tomatoes & tie them up the bamboo – they’re getting quite bushy, and I want the sun to be able to reach all the fruit!



All the plants look really healthy, and there’s no visible difference between the ones I planted with some milk powder, and the ones without.

While I struck out against the neighbour’s convolvulus that keeps coming through the fence I found some grapes on the vine! I thought they’d all been lost at some point in December, because I’d seen quite a number of bunches & then nothing…not sure when they’re fully ripe, but they feel too firm yet.



I also found a massive spider, which is I think a nurseryweb spider. She looked a lot bigger when I pulled my hand away from weeding the hole she was in than she does in the photo…


I quite like how the side of the fence is looking with all the flowers, artichokes & cucumber plants. Deadheaded the roses, and did a bit of weeding around there. I need to get more hay to mulch around the plants, most of it seems to have blown away or degraded.



There are a couple of pumpkin looking good, and I tied up the peas around them again, as well as cut down some of the dead calendula that was obstructing some of the sun.




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