Technically Autumn

It’s been autumn for a couple of days now according to the calendar, but the weather is still really warm & generally sunny. The summer veg, though, appears to be winding down…

The tomatoes have done well – no blight this year, on any of the plants. The yellow cherry tomatoes & the – what were supposed to be black cherry tomatoes but are mostly reddish – did well. A couple of Krim or Brandywine – gosh, I wish I’d labelled something about what I’d planted, although maybe if I read back some entries I’d recall.

Here are some photos in my typical harvesting basket, the t-shirt I’m wearing…

I have several large bowlfuls and have been snacking on them, using them in salads, adding them to dinner plates…they’ve been great.

Courgettes are starting up again after pausing their growth for a couple of weeks.

The corn has been…not a great success. Several mini cobs, which didn’t taste overly great – not bad, but definitely not the sweet crisp taste I’d recalled from the previous summer. The popcorn hardly grew at all. Not sure what went wrong, if the weather was just too weird for them, too many insects eating the tassels, too much wind…Anyway, they’ll be coming out now to make room for other autumn/winter veg. Will try again next year!

The pickles are producing a couple a week, so have been putting them in a pickle jar in the fridge with pickling vinegar brine…they’re tasty, but like last year, they just don’t produce enough on one plant to actually put any jars aside for later.

The aubergine produced a few small fruit – not sure I’ll get to cook them, but they’re cute. Same with the jingle peppers….will leave them be, but no idea how long this hot weather will last now.

The asparagus have done something funny – they had produced the ferns, but then some new stalks came up again, and now more ferns…I really need to weed their bed & the strawberry plants have thrown up runners all over the show, but hopefully the asparagus will be nice & strong next year

The lettuce is good…


There are three pumpkins doing well – and two stragglers. None of them appear to be Marina di Chioggia though, which is what I’d bought. One is orange, so no idea what I’m growing…the other two are both dark green. So we’ll see how those turn out! None of the honeynut plants grew, which is pretty disappointing.

The cucumbers – only one green one. The long white variety is doing well but they’re pretty bitter tasting so don’t think I’ll plant them again. I’ve been putting them in a jar with onion & vinegar for cucumber salad, which is the only thing that really makes them palatable.

Anyway, so now to sow some autumn/winter plants – I’m going to try swedes this year, and kohlrabi, among other things….


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